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The PREGNANCY WORKOUT - Debra GoodmanThe PREGNANCY WORKOUT is the only exercise program in the Capital District Region that teaches women how to take care of their bodies during pregnancy and postpartum. Through this workshop, women will have the unique opportunity to exercise under the direct supervision of a trained women’s health physical therapist. In this pilates based exercise class, women will learn the fundamental exercises based on the that should be practiced during pregnancy and postpartum and will gain insight into their changing anatomy and how this impacts posture, muscle tone, and health. This class is safe for women with diastasis recti and utilizes the Tupler Technique to promote prevention and closure of abdominal separation. Women will learn how to safely exercise the whole body during this time period and will be taught techniques to help reduce back pain and other pregnancy complaints. Furthermore, through this program, women will learn techniques to help them through labor and delivery. The Pregnancy Workout is the foundation for prenatal exercise. The skills obtained through this class can then be incorporated into all other prenatal exercise programs such as yoga, gym workouts, water aerobics, etc. Exercise is now considered an essential part of prenatal care, and it is never too late to begin.

Pregnancy is one of the most significant physical events a woman will experience. However, most women receive little preparation for this monumental task. Research has proven that women who exercise during pregnancy have healthier pregnancies and babies. In addition, physically fit women have been shown to have fewer problems during pregnancy as well as easier labor and deliveries. A safe exercise program should be a feature in all women’s prenatal care.

Voted Best Prenatal Exercise Class
In the Capital Region
 by Metroland!

In this exercise program, you will learn the latest information on:

  • Safe exercises for strengthening the whole body that are appropriate for pregnant & postpartum women

  • Techniques to minimize back pain, sciatica, neck pain, wrist pain, incontinence & most pregnancy/new mother discomforts

  • Exercises to help improve & maintain posture

  • Important exercises to tone the abdominals & pelvic floor muscles and prevent or manage diastasis recti based on the TUPLER TECHNIQUE

  • Techniques to prepare for labor & delivery during pregnancy

  • Strategies for recovery after pregnancy

  • Instruction in healthy body mechanics for handling children

Don’t forget, it is never too late to start, and the benefits will astound you!


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