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The Post Partum Client

Sat May 19th, 9-4pm New York, NY

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 Course Summaries:

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This two day course will explore the anatomical and physiological changes that pregnant women experience as well as the indications and contraindications that fitness professionals need to be knowledgeable about when working with this special population. During the seminar, we will review the anatomy and physiology important in understanding the prenatal physical transformations. We will pay particular attention to the common musculoskeletal changes that occur in this group and how these affect posture, strength, joint health, and typical pregnancy pain issues. We will learn to create effective movement protocols to support women during pregnancy as well as to physically prepare them for the challenges of labor and delivery. This workshop will provide fitness professionals with the tools necessary to design a safe and creative program for the pregnant woman.


In this one day seminar, we will discuss how the fitness professional should approach working with this unique population.  We will assess how the musculoskeletal changes of pregnancy affect this population and discuss the goals of postpartum rehabilitation in its progression.  Guidelines for abdominal strengthening will be presented along with in depth instruction on evaluation and exercise recommendations for diastasis recti issues.  We will discuss common postpartum pain issues and learn basic manual therapy techniques and supportive exercises to help women deal with these issues.  We will also discuss proper body mechanics for baby care to help women prevent injuries.  By the completion of the course, fitness professionals will be able to design a safe and effective exercise program for the postpartum client.

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