Pilates & Personal Training


We are a full service Pilates studio. Clients will have to opportunity to be guided through exercises on the Pilates apparatus and mat. Pilates is an amazing system of exercises that focuses on core stabilization, flexibility, alignment, posture, and full body strengthening. It can be an incredible therapeutic tool for clients working through pain issues as well as for the athlete looking to get stronger, improve performance, and prevent injury.

Skilled Training

Our highly skilled training approach is suitable for anyone. We have the expertise to create an individualized program for handling complicated clients with orthopedic issues, prenatal/postpartum clients, clients with chronic pain, as well as the ability to challenge the healthy client wanting to build strength, endurance, and agility. We will utilize exercises from the Pilates system as well as integrate exercises from many other programs. Complicated clients also benefit from having the supervision and communication of our trainer with a physical therapist.  Sessions are by appointment. Contact us to schedule a training session and look forward to transforming your body!