Deb Goodman Staff

Debra Goodman, MSPT

headshot-debraDebra Goodman, MSPT graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1994. She then graduated from the University of Miami with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 1998. Currently, Debra is a licensed manual physical therapist with specialties in women’s health, dance medicine, and sports medicine. She has been a physical therapist for Westside Dance Physical Therapy in New York City, New York City Ballet, and School of American Ballet. Debra has had a private women’s health/orthopedic practice in New York City, and since moving to the Albany area in 2004, she has developed a private practice in the Capital District.

Debra’s professional focus is treatment of orthopedic and women’s health issues with a particular strength in dealing with chronic pain patients. Debra is one of the few physical therapists trained in internal evaluation and treatment of the pelvic floor muscles. In addition, she is specifically skilled in treatment of pregnancy and postpartum problems. Debra is a pilates instructor and part of the continuing education faculty for Kinected and The Kane School of Core Integration in New York City. She teaches multiple continuing education workshops for pilates instructors, physical therapists, and fitness trainers focusing on educating professionals on exercise during pregnancy. Debra is also an instructor for prenatal and postpartum group fitness classes. The goal of her program is to empower women by giving them the tools to stay strong and healthy during pregnancy and postpartum.

Kathleen Sumner, PT

kathy-pic2Kathleen Sumner, PT, brings over 30 years of experience in physical therapy to her association with Debra Goodman.  A long-time advocate for mind-body-spirit health, she has a masters’ degree in Applied Healing Arts from the Maryland University for Integrative Health in addition to her physical therapy degree.  She is experienced in treating all types of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions and specializes in myofascial release and cranio-sacral therapy.  Kathleen has provided community and health care staff educational programs on a variety of topics including mind-body health, exercise, chronic pain management, posture and ergonomics, principles of Chinese Medicine, and aging gracefully.

Kathleen’s philosophy is to educate clients to understand their conditions, empower them to be proactive in their healing journey, and use exercise to achieve the desired goals. Rather than simply treating the condition or symptoms, she highly values getting to know the human being with the concerns and how the conditions affect his/her life and how activities are impacted.   Together with the client, a program of treatment and self-management is individualized to the needs and values of each individual.

Anne Bette, Pilates Instructor

anne-pic2Movement has always played an important role in Anne’s life.  In college, an injury prevented her from continuing to study dance.  She then started teaching group fitness classes as an outlet for her creativity and passion of movement.   She became a certified instructor through AFAA in 1990 specializing in step aerobics, strengthening, physio-ball, and cycling classes.  In 2001 she became a Reebok Core Board trainer and helped develop core board group classes for several New Jersey health clubs.  Training on the core board was the “a-ha” moment for Anne when she realized that she was the strongest that she had ever been and there was marked improvements in her other activities including running, golf, and tennis.  Recognizing the importance of a strong core and functional fitness, she began to study Pilates to further build on these principles.

Moving to Albany in 2009 to raise a family, Anne met Debra Goodman and began training with Debra in her pregnancy workshop and later in the core stability classes.   Working with Debra, Anne started to see and feel the benefits of how stretching, stabilizing, and strengthening exercises can help keep the body injury- and pain-free as well as complement and advance her Pilates training.   Anne then began her journey to becoming a certified Pilates instructor.  In 2011, she became mat certified and in 2013 became comprehensively equipment certified through Power Pilates.  Anne loves teaching and helping clients to learn body awareness, gain flexibility and strength, and to feel invigorated after sessions.